energy readings dallasKaren Gresham Nickell, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transformational Teacher

An experienced professional who uses a unique blend of intuition, metaphysics and psychology to provide personal guidance in all aspects of your life and insight into achieving your goals.


Gain a new perspective

Are you struggling with relationships, health or money? Do you have questions about your career, issues in your life or upcoming decisions? Learn how to understand and transform challenges or obstacles into what they truly are — life lessons and opportunities for personal growth.

An Energy Reading is the first step towards receiving accurate information about what is going on in your life. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Consultant, I provide insights, guide your self-discovery and develop personalized tools to assist you in this transformation.

Energy Readings may be conducted by phone or Skype. Call me at 214-521-0869 to schedule.

Live the Life You Choose

Imagine yourself achieving your goals! We all have a mission in this lifetime. Discovering that mission can be liberating and rewarding.

I  love working with people who are seeking to know and learn more about themselves. Through an Energy Reading, I can help you gain greater awareness of your life path and see where YOU ARE NOW. I observe, analyze, and identify areas where you are unconsciously blocking, liberating you from your own self-imposed limitations.

  • Make positive changes in all aspects of your life
  • Open the connection of creative mind and higher consciousness
  • Identify your life’s goals
  • Accomplish what you were sent here to do
  • Design your life
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles

Visualize yourself writing that book, producing beautiful artwork, creating the business you love, living your dream. I have helped writers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. As you learn to delve into your self-power, you will see affirming signs and symbols along the way. I can help you interpret these.

Tap into your energy and learn how to become the architect of your life! Call me at 214-521-0869 to schedule an Energy Reading and take the first step to achieving your goals.

Readings may be conducted by phone or by Skype.

A Personal Message from Karen

Listen to this personal message from me to learn more about what to expect when you schedule an Energy Reading or Clinical Hypnotherapy session.


Celebrate the season and see what is in store for the New Year.

Half-hour Reading/Session – $95.00 $85.00
One-hour Reading/Session – $145.00 $125.00
90-minute Reading/Session – $215.00 $185.00

To receive the special price, all appointments must be read by January 21, 2019.

Call Karen at 214-521-0869 to schedule.

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4-SESSION PACKAGE, $110 per 1-hour session (must schedule 4 or more sessions)

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Karen can change your life and, through her special talent and ability, she can help you to program and transform it into whatever you want it to be.” – Aaron Kaplan

Karen Gresham, BA, CHT, entered this lifetime with the gift of insight. She is an experienced professional who uses a unique blend of intuition, metaphysics and psychology to provide personal guidance in all aspects of your life and insight into achieving your goals. Karen personally does not subscribe to using the the word Psychic in describing how she works with people. Instead, she characterizes her work as Energy Readings. This more accurately describes her intuitive ability to read and interpret a client’s Energy Field, and provide constructive advice and workable solutions for their needs and goals. Additionally, she uses healing sound and imagery in her readings to assist in awakening the higher consciousness of your life’s work.

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