Actor, journalist, writer, and lecturer on the metaphysical, David St. Clair was born on October 2, 1932 in Newton Falls, Ohio. He was educated at Columbia University and the New School for Social Research. He spent five years as a professional actor in summer stock and, as well, did some television work.

In 1956 he went to Mexico and started to travel by land into Central and South America; he reached Brazil, where he worked full-time for Time and Life, until 1965, as well as McCall’s Magazine. Afterward he became a freelance writer and lecturer. St. Clair was good friends with famous Brasilian composer Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim (“The Girl From Ipanema”) and was also friends with Joao (“Jango”) Goulart, President of Brasil from 1961-1964, and First Lady Maria Tereza Goulart; and many other international celebrities.

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Lessons in Instant ESPDavid had a strong interest in metaphysics and investigated local metaphysical practices everywhere he traveled. He made expeditions into the Amazon and Mato Grosso jungle where he lived with the Indians and studied their spiritual cultures. His experiences became the basis of a number of books.

In November of 1975, David traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, where a cosmetics firm had invited him to be a presenter in a series of seminars designed to encourage the use of psychic techniques in business: the owner, Reeva Foreman, was familiar with psychic training and had read his books. Although the presentations dealt with astrology and numerology, he observed that the students were not learning how to apply anything to business activities. Upon his return to Los Angeles, he began to assemble his own four-day course, Lessons in Instant ESP, designed to help participants discover and effectively employ their innate abilities to attain a better life through the use of the Cosmic Forces Formula and other practices. Karen was David St. Clair’s associate, along with Alberto Aguas, from 1977-1991 in presenting this course. Their work together took them throughout the world, including Brasil, the U.K., the U.S. and Mexico where they presented workshops and private consultations teaching how to incorporate the Cosmic Forces into one’s life for healing and positive change.

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