David St. Clair (1932-1991) was an author, lecturer, and journalist who wrote extensively about paranormal phenomena. While living in Brazil, David was presented with a powerful technique of using the Cosmic Forces in order to cause a positive change in one’s life.

David St Clair's Cosmic Forces Formula

How to perform the Cosmic Forces Formula

~ Stand up with your feet slightly apart and your hands down at your sides (but not touching your body).

~ Next, close your eyes and take a slow, relaxing, deep breath from your solar plexus region. Feel with all the intensity of your desire to bring the cosmic forces into your body. This will awaken your higher consciousness.

~ Then say: “I bring the Cosmic Forces into my body asking for Strength, Protection, and Guidance.”

~ As you say each of these last three words, feel what they mean to you through your own visual perception.

~ Repeat this whole mantra three times. You may visualize the Cosmic Forces in your own way: as a higher intelligence, as Universal Mind, or as a spiritual energy. In creating your link with the Cosmic Forces, you will feel a serene, powerful sense of relaxation.

~ At this point, you can silently go within and, with all of your passion, ask the Cosmic Forces for what you want. When you do this, be natural about it. Take as long as you need to make your request. After you have stated what you want, believe you have received it and it shall be. Outside the space-time of the physical plane, time and space are an illusion. By believing you have received it, you have accepted it, and therefore, it is.

~ After you have completed your request to the Cosmic Forces, fold your arms across your upper chest with your right palm open on your left shoulder and your left palm open on your right shoulder. Say, “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.” Believe you have already received it.

Always remember that time is an illusion. Somewhere, sometime, in some place exists exactly what you want.

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