Karen entered this lifetime with the gift of insight. She is an experienced professional who uses her psychic ability, metaphysical knowledge and techniques of clinical hypnotherapy.

Psychic Energy Readings provide practical insight, greater awareness and a new perspective on all aspects of your life.

Psychic Energy Readings

I can provide answers to your questions about life goals, relationships, health, money, career, and upcoming decisions.


    • Receive accurate information about what is going on in your life
    • Uncover blocks that prevent you from getting what you want
    • Receive guidance and tools

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Afterlife Readings

When our loved ones pass, they often reach out to communicate important messages of love and comfort. I can help you learn to read the signs and symbols of these messages, and receive a peaceful confirmation that you have made contact.

    • Receive comfort and peace by reuniting with those you have loved
    • Receive important messages they wish to communicate to you
    • Learn how to read the signs and symbols they are sending so that you can become attuned to the messages yourself

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David St. Clair“Every now and then, in my travels around the world, I come across a psychic medium that is truly gifted. I’m always please and a little bit amazed when this happens for they are so rare. Such a rarity is Ms. Karen Gresham of Dallas, Texas. She is able to pinpoint the future. She is able to tell her clients not only what will happen but when it will take place. She calls the shots better than anyone I know in the ‘business’ today. I have investigated her, have spoken with her Texas clientele and have followed up on her readings. Her batting average is amazing!” – David St. Clair, actor, journalist, writer, and lecturer on the metaphysical

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dr-elio-borme“Karen has a gift that is truly ‘out of this world.’ She has a direct link to energy and is able to interpret it and give practical guidance based on that interpretation. She naturally tunes in to human nature and gives unconditional love. She truly cares for the people she connects with and is nurturing and loving in all her relationships.” – Antonio Elio Borme, M.D. is a cardiovascular surgeon who was part of the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center in Houston, Texas. Borme graduated from the University of Rome. He is the author of My Dear Clochard.

Aaron Kaplan composer“I have met many clairvoyants and mediums in my lifetime, but there are none that come close to the abilities with which Karen has been blessed. She can change your life and, through her special talent and ability, she can help you to program and transform it into whatever you want it to be. This is in addition to her abilities to channel spirit and guide you for the future.” – Aaron Kaplan

Debra Kaplan, Integrative Psychotherapist“Karen Gresham is a great mystic and healer with a heart as big as the world. Just being in her presence surrounds one with the golden light of the divine.” – Debra Kaplan, LCSW

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