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Readings with Karen

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Personal Psychic Readings with Karen Gresham Nickell help people to discover and resolve the hidden "blocks" inhibiting easy access to creativity, productivity, finances and healthy relationships. From her private practice in Dallas, Texas and by phone, Ms. Gresham Nickell has counseled business executives, CEOs, playwrights and national and international celebrities including Federico Fellini, Franco Brusati, and Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim (Brazilian Composer, "The Girl from Ipanema").

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who interviewed hundreds of coal miners during the 1987 Virginia UFO Sightings, Karen Gresham Nickell can help experiencers to resolve conflicts and achieve integration of star knowledge from contact with ET visitors.

From relationships to financial and business endeavors to spiritual growth, Karen brings greater awareness and new a perspective to all aspects of your life.

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