Readings provide practical insight, greater awareness and new a perspective on all aspects of your life.

Internationally renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Medium, Karen Gresham, can provide answers to your questions about life goals, relationships, health, money, career, and upcoming decisions.

In a Personal Reading you will:

    • Receive accurate information about what is going on in your life
    • Uncover blocks that prevent you from getting what you want
    • Receive guidance and tools to help you create a life you love

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In a Medium Session you will:

    • Receive, from your loved ones who have passed to the other side, a serene, peaceful confirmation that you have made contact and important messages they wish to communicate to you.

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Schedule now. Call Karen at 214-521-0869.


Half-hour Reading/Session – $95.00
One-hour Reading/Session – $145.00
90-minute Reading/Session – $215.00

To schedule, call Karen at 214-521-0869. 

FREE READING When You Donate to The Dolphin Research Center

Donate to the Dolphin Research CenterThe Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share. Located in Marathon in the Grassy Keys, Florida, the DRC sustained some damage in Hurricane Irma.

After having been to the Dolphin Research Center many times and swam with them personally several times, I found there was no greater experience of love. For me, it was the greatest experience of my life. One of my missions is to help people learn what these beautiful marine children are doing for the planet and the human species. They need us now, so please help them. They have much more to show us and so much love to give us. I wish for everyone to experience this.

From September 15 – 22, I am offering a FREE 15-minute reading when you donate $15 or more to the Dolphin Research Center.

Email your donation receipt to me at as confirmation of your donation. Then call me at 214-521-0869 to schedule a reading. Thank you for helping our planet. God bless!

CLICK HERE to make a donation to the Dolphin Research Center.


Guided Meditation CDs & Digital Downloads

Attune to your highest self! Use these Guided Meditations for awakening the creative mind to higher states of consciousness and making positive changes in your life. Featuring the space music of Jonn Serrie.

Where Karen has lived and worked, internationally.

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